Wednesday - Oct 14, 2015


Photoshop clone

Many will say this program is just another piece of software for digital photography editing. But, beside it is free for personal and commercial use, this program have one unusual quality. After you start it, you will have impression that you made mistake, and started Photoshop.

Artweaver workflow ( menu options, keyboard shortcuts, tool palettes, filters ) is copy of Photoshop workflow. This will make easier transfer from Photoshop to Artweaver to many users who don’t have that much money to spend on Adobe’s product.

Program is still in develop faze, and don’t have all planned functions. Also, you can download portable version of program, which, when you unzip it, takes 27 MB of your hard disk. This enables you to store it on your USB stick, without installing. This program supports most of standard formats. PSD format is also supported, but without layers, and RAW is not.

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