Tuesday - Oct 13, 2015

Block websites in Windows without software

Internet is really an enormous place full of different information available to us whenever we want. Still, that same technology puts us at risk of hacker attacks and malicious websites that are trying to steal our personal information, credit card numbers, passwords… or even infect our computers with viruses, worms, Trojan horses…

There is an easy way we can protect ourselves without use of any software. The easiest way to do this is to block the harmful websites. There is a lot of software available just for this purpose but they cost money and some of them are pretty complicated to use. So, we will see how to block these harmful websites without any investment in software.

It is important to mention that this will not protect you completely; it is recommended that you use some of the security software for your computer to be completely safe.

You need to open up a Notepad as an administrator, and you’ll do this by right clicking on Notepad and clicking on run as administrator.

If the Windows asks you to enter the password, you need to type it in and press OK.

When the window appears, choose the all files from the falling menu.

Now type in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in the file name field and press Enter.

The hosts file window will appear, go to the bottom row and press enter to start the new line. Type in the before the address you want to block. For example type yahoo.com. It is important to mention that you shouldn’t write the http:// because this will make the address invalid, www before each address is optional.

You can block as many web addresses as you want, just make sure that each one is in the new row. When you’re finished, save and close the file.

To see which websites might be harmful check out Winhelp2002 or Peter Lowe’s Ad server list.

Block websites in Windows

Block websites in Windows

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