Wednesday - Oct 07, 2015

Command Prompt on any Windows computer

Command prompt is one of the most important functions on your computer. It’s used to open certain batch files, run administrative tasks and solve some Windows problems. If you want to use command prompt correctly you need to enter correct commands with corresponding parameters. Command prompt can be used for variety of things, so some institutions like public libraries and schools block it altogether. If you have issues when it comes to opening command prompt on your computer, here’s the solution. The most obvious and easiest way to open the command prompt is to click on the start button and type cmd in run field followed by enter. If that doesn’t work, you can create a shortcut on your desktop for command prompt. All you need to do is right click on desktop- click on new and then shortcut. When the window pops up asking you for location, type in cmd, click next and type in the name for your new shortcut.

If none of these things work, or you get “access denied” or any other similar message, you can create your own command prompt. Basically, you need to create a batch file and this process is really simple. Double click on notepad and type in this short text:

@echo off

title Command Prompt


Set/p command=”%cd%>”


goto top

After you typed in this text, save it as the .bat file, and also below the name field change the extension from .txt to all files. This last step is essential, if you don’t change it to all files, you’ll have a text document which doesn’t do anything.

It is really important that you know what you’re doing, if you type in the incorrect command, you can end up with result you didn’t want. There are many websites which have the lists of commands for the Windows operating systems, check them out.

Command Prompt

Command Prompt


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