Tuesday - Oct 13, 2015

Destroy Twitter 2.0

Whether you are a community manager, or twitting is your everyday practice, we’re quite sure that you need the most effective solution to make your life easier. There are many programs intended for twitting, but Destroy Twitter is the best. Behind this strange name lies a super fast and ultra light applications that runs in ecosystem of Adobe AIR, and that means functionality of application without any problem in Windows, Linux or Mac. According to this layout Destroy Twitter reminds of the instant messaging applications, but also to the other programs of this type, like the famous TweetDecka program.

After installation and signup on Twitter, the program opens trough mode of small window, showing the latest tweets and views your latest contents. Click on some of evadible options activates smooth transitions in the form of rapid and effective transition animations. Of course, this is not some sort of unnecessary effects; these are attractive and easy transitions from screen to screen. Because of that, using the Destroy Twitter program is extremely pleasant and interesting. For viewing rest of the screens you can use well-arranged options like Mentions, Search, Messages and Preferences. The first option opens view of all retwitts and twittts relating to you. Search option allows you to enter more terms in the browser. Besides that, Destroy Twitter will inform you by notification about all new tweets that includes search terms, and that’s ideal for follow certain themes and events.

Destroy Twitter

“Light” Twitting on AIR ecosystem

Except for a single view of each category, Destroy Twitter program, like TweetDeck, offers possibility to view all colons whit contents on one screen, and not also whit simply maximizes, than whit increase programs window. As you drag the window, the program will smoothly discover that the columns are already sorted, side by side. That’s not spectacular, but the work of Destroy Twitter programmers is praiseworthy.

During of twitting you will have an option to attach file with one of eight offered services, and for shorting the URL will take care one of four offered alternativeness. It’s enough to copy link in field for tweeting, and Destroy Twitter will automatically convert that URL in a short version.

Each column has own special settings. The most important item is probably refresh rate. Twitter limits number of queries to the server by applications on hundred for one hour. Destroy Program, by setting, cheeks for new content every two minutes. Every five minutes Destroy shows a new searches, and new massage search on every ten minutes. All this you can change according with your wishes and needs. Of course, you can use Refresh option to update the display.

In individual options for every column you can choose number of viewed twits, the limit is 200 per page. Destroy Twitter works good and fast. Interesting is the existence of filters that allows you to type the name of the user, Twitter profile, keywords, or to specify the sources that you want to exclude from columns, , i.e. In this way you will filter out content, and the content will show only what is relevant. Also, besides Twitter Search, you can find the options and possibility to search a specific column. Destroy Twitter in this and other ways, makes easy search for old twits, shows answers and retwits, much better from competition.

The options are also viewed trough columns. Here, you can configure does program starts by operating system, how it turns off, does it always on top, etc. From here you set the size and font type, size of icons, sounds and position of notification. Still, the most interesting are themes. The program comes with eight excellent designed themes. Each of themes brings minimalist design and a different color combination. Unfortunately, there is no option to download other themes directly from program; you have to found them on the Internet and copy into the folder whit relevant files. Themes have dark colures whit light text or white background whit dark words.

Destroy Twitter is the fastest solution for every user whit big need for Twitter. This is opportunity for view history of your twits from first post to all answers and retwits, and best way to follow answers of your Twitter friends.

Destroy Twitter, compared with TweetDeck, still can find his fans, and his concentration is on popular microbloging service. Program contains all the necessary options, and for those who use only one profile (because there is no opportunity for activates more of orders) this is the best solution.

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