Saturday - Oct 10, 2015

How to control your computer using your voice

Windows Speech Recognition


Since the first man tried to make a computer understand voice in 1950’s, software for voice recognition has advanced drastically, from understanding only basic numbers to being able to understand complex sentences. However, after sixty years of research computers still have a hard time understanding human voice, they often make mistakes and sometimes they can’t understand anything.

There is a lot of software on the market made just for this purpose, from free to professional, but we got the impression that software in this field progresses very slow. Besides the technological issues, we have to consider the fact that lot of users around the world do not speak English recognizable to this kind of software.

Windows Speech Recognition can be pretty hard to use when composing text, but you can do simple task with a little practice. First thing you need to do is type in Speech Recognition in search field and open it up. When it starts, it will offer you couple of options, microphone setup and tutorial. Tutorial is somewhat long and it can get boring, but it’s the easiest way to learn few things about this software. Throughout tutorial everything functions perfectly, however, when you try to do the same things in practice you’ll realize that things don’t function so smoothly like they did in tutorial. Nevertheless, this software can be very useful if you practice a little bit. You can open up files and folders, and even surf online using nothing but your voice. Easiest way to open up something, and to be sure that Windows will understand you is by show numbers voice command. Show numbers basically displays the number over each clickable surface. Next step would be to say “double click plus wanted number” which corresponds to certain shortcut or option. It is for sure the easiest and most functional way for beginners to start controlling computer.

One of the disadvantages is only few setup options, but the biggest one is inability to define your own commands. You can find the list of available commands by choosing Open Speech Reference Card option.

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