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Music manager with lot of options

There are a lot of music managers and most of them look alike, but more pedantic music fans know that more choices increases their chance of finding the player which fits them the best. Just like the browsers, there is a dead race between few major music managers so most of people make their decisions based on functionality and style.

MusicBee is one of the best music managers on the market.

Its interface is well organized, maybe little too much oriented on text display but that’s what helps you find the tracks you want. Each fan that cares about his music collection will appreciate the functions of the MusicBee. It lets you tag, rip and synchronize your devices, but beside advanced options for organization there is also a powerful tool for conversion and the integrated web browser.

MusicBee is not the most complicated music manager on the market but it still offers a lot more than just basic functions. It is especially good because it lets you personalize it according to your needs. Basic layout of interface

MusicBee - One of the best music managers

MusicBee – One of the best music managers

can be set up so it displays the tracks which you listen the most. The main layout displays the column on the left side which lets you browse music files from your library but it also lets you search files on your computer as the files on all synchronized devices. It also allows you to filter music files by genre, mood or occasion. You can tag the tracks in your collection by mood, occasion or by some other tags from the menu, or you can create your own custom tag if there’s a need for that. One option which stands out is auto tag which will help you organize the whole albums or artist tracks. Beside the auto tag which includes all relevant information, you can update just album covers, artwork and similar. Main menu has a useful option to organize the tracks in alphabetical order which makes it easier to find the wanted content.

MusicBee by default displays the tracks by genre, artist and album in your collection. How the tracks will be displayed and what will be displayed depends on you, so if you don’t want to fit all on one screen you can create a new tab for better organization. On the right side there is a now playing list with all the track info. Additional information includes artist photos, verses, Wikipedia info and the YouTube search results. One more interesting thing is that new tabs can also display the interface and browser which certainly make the life easier.

When it comes to synchronization, MusicBee supports iPhone and Android phones so you won’t have any problems when connecting. Only one online music service is supported at this Beside ripping, burning, duplicate track finder and other advanced tools, you can also convert music from one format to another without changing the source file. Convertor is fairly fast and it lets you select multiple tracks, so if you decide to use MusicBee you can be sure that it has everything you need. Full version of interface can be replaced by compact player or mini player. Compact player displays artist information and album photo as the now playing list and you’ll probably spend most of the time using this display. Mini player displays only basic control panel. There are also visualizations which can be displayed in new window, new tab or full screen. Beside animations you can also set up a slideshow from online sources like Flickr, and One disadvantage is that if you want to change the visualization you have to do it in View menu, there is no shortcut. Also, there is no random button which could be a deal breaker for many users.

Lot of skins are available for this music manager, but beside skins, you can set up the font, arrange elements, shortcuts and define almost everything according to your needs. Our conclusion is that MusicBee is one of the best music managers on the market, it’s free and it allows personalization, but support for more online music services and more plug-ins would make it even better.

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