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When we talk about security software, it’s usually different antivirus packages, firewall, or similar tools, as the software which fixes certain oversights. PsyberScan is very different software. It doesn’t physically protect your computer, but rather evaluates the level of risk you’re exposed based on your experience and computer knowledge. Because of that PsyberScan will ask you to fill out a small questionnaire before it scans your computer. You’ll have to answer the questions regarding the internet use, passwords, emails, type of files you save on your computer, computer access and more. These are not your private information, but they’ll still help a lot when it comes to evaluation of security level of your computer. After you finish up the questionnaire the software will start with the scan.


PsyberScan will check your browser history, cookies and cache files and it will compare them to a base of websites which contain malicious content. Web analysis tab shows the timeline of your visit to a certain page and the

PsyberScan - evaluates the level of risk you’re exposed

PsyberScan – evaluates the level of risk you’re exposed

time when the website was infected. An unregistered version is missing some key info which shows the list of infected sites, so you won’t be able to do detailed analysis. Risks tab basically displays the good and bad sides of you computer security. Security risks are divided into few categories good, important and critical risks, as the gray zone which show the files that couldn’t be categorized. Next tab is a little more complicated but it basically shows the categories mentioned above with the number values. At the end all of those information is combined into one grade which shows your computer overall security.


Last window displays all of the statistics. You can see the total number of websites you visited, number of sites in the base that contain malware, and some other less interested information. If you purchase full version of this software you can compare your information with a world’s average and you can get more detailed graphic information. By using PsyberScan you can get a better insight of your computer security. You’ll also know if your efforts are excessive, appropriate or inadequate. Interesting thing is that you can purchase this software for a price that’s more than affordable. On the other side the one issue which kind of ruins the impression is the fact that the software is updated only once a month, which should be more often because it is security software after all.

  1. Randy

    26. June 2013. at 16:50

    The download link posted above does not work, unless you have a community email address that ends with .org or .edu. To download the free version of PsyberScan, use the following link: https://psyberscan.com/webDownload1.php

  2. sikedestroya


    26. June 2013. at 22:11

    Hey Randy, thanks for comment…. Somehow I missed this… It’s fixed now! Thanks again!

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