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How to: Shutdown Remote Computer

Either you started to manage small business or home network, or, maybe you are running your own server for education purposes, which is, by the way, placed in the other room, or whatever your reason might be, you may find yourself in situation that you need to shutdown the other computer in LAN remotely. It is not such difficult task to do, and there are few choices available to you. So, lets find out how to shutdown or reboot remote computer.


Remotely Shutdown Computer from Command Line


Before you start anything, find out names of computers in network ( you can do this right clicking on My computer icon, and choosing Properties – here you will see tab Computer name), and make sure you have an Administrator account on each computer in the network, and that you run the shutdown command as an administrator. Regarding to that, you need to reset security setting back to classic mode. This can be done in the following way:

  • navigate to Administrative Tools – Local Security Settings – Local Policies – Security option and search for Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts
  • make sure that chosen option is: “Classic – local users authenticate as themselves”.


Now, follow the next procedure:


  • click Start – Run
  • in input box type “cmd”
  • if you type “shutdown/?” ( without quotes, of course ) you will get listing of options available for this command

to shutdown computer type command:


shutdown -m computername -s

For more flexible procedure, in Command Prompt ( cmd.exe ) type command:


shutdown -i


Dialog box like on image below will pop up. Clicking on the Add button, you can add computer which you want to shutdown. Check the checkboxes as on the image, and in the Comment field type warning message that will be displayed on remote computer before it shut downs.

Shutdown Remote Computer Dialog Box

Shutdown Remote Computer Dialog Box

Reboot Remote Computer

To reboot remote computer type the command:


shutdown -m computername -r

As you can see, only difference between commands for shutdown and reboot, is in one letter. You can use a number of other arguments. That’s why we suggest you to use command


to get listing of all of available arguments.

Shutdown Remote Computer Using Specialized Tools

We have found two free / open source tools which can be used to shut down remote computer: RC logon and RPS. Both tools have graphical user interface, and they are easier to use, so if you don’t feel comfortable working from Command Prompt, you will surely find these tools very useful.

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