Saturday - Aug 29, 2015


Social networking meets the tool for system optimization

Even though it seems like tools for system optimization might be very useful they are not very appealing. However, it is important that they serve their purpose like for example the mega popular CCleaner. We thought that at this moment there isn’t anything which could do something for the system optimization, but SlimCleaner proved us wrong with its solutions which implement knowledge base in cloud and elements of social networking among users. Beside the regular stuff this software also offers us information regarding the software in your startup, installed applications and active services which all come based on community’s opinions. Using this method you can check out any piece of software and find out if it’s useful, optional or dangerous.

This is very useful for all beginners which don’t know the use for all software and services in startup. Until now they had to google everything to find out if it’s necessary or not, but now using the SlimCleaner you can find all the information in the easiest way possible. Software looks pretty much like the competition and it is divided into seven parts. It allows you to easily delete all the unnecessary files. By simple checking you can select which files you want to scan. SlimCleaner scans the system files, history, data created by operating software, everything browsers recorded on your hard disc and your registry. Interesting thing is that when you choose to delete cookie files software will ask you if you want to use intelligent filtration, in other words if you want to ignore cookies from popular destinations. You can select the cookies you want to save by yourself or you can set up automatic optimization.

While the Cleaner seems pretty standard, optimize tab shows us why it is innovative; it displays the startup software and services. Besides the ability to turn them off, you can also check out community rating. So software can



be characterized as unwanted, optional character or good. By clicking the more info option you open up the new window which allows you to rate the software, write your opinion, but it also allows you to read some of the other comments and opinions. You can recommend this software or not by the thumb up and thumb down buttons. We checked some of the software based on the comments left by community and all of the feedback proved reliable. If you want to check out all of the comments regarding certain software SlimCleaner will take you to their website. Software tab functions in the similar way; it displays the list of installed software with all additional information and possibilities of uninstall. One more interesting option is Browsers which lets you externally control all of your internet browsers. The big five is supported “Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. For each one of these browsers you can set up the home page and the search engine.

Extensions and Plug-ins tabs show additional installations on your browser with a possibility to turn each plug-in on and off. Just like in Startup and Services you got the restore option which lets you undo all changes. Hijack log allows you just that- to create the log of your system which can be done in novice or in lot richer expert level. While the first one displays startup, toolbar, BHO and ActiveX information, expert log displays lot more information. Tools regarding the hard disc are also very useful. You can check out detailed statistics in graphs regarding the folders and files, as the amount of space they take. Also, you can check out which types of files take most of the space on hard disc. Disc Wiper and Shredder are also available if you want to remove certain files. The last tab Windows Tools is like a control panel which displays shortcuts to different files in Windows.

One more interesting feature is the panel which shows you the available memory and the processor usage. When it comes to disadvantages we got few minor complaints; it opens the browser maybe a bit too much to display certain information, and it tried to install AVG Toolbar and set up AVG safe search as the home page. If these few things get installed you can use SlimCleaner to remove them. SlimCleaner allows you to configure the schedule for automatic scanning, to choose the cookies you want to keep and to create a backup in case things go wrong. It doesn’t look very attractive, but it’s more important that it works fast and stable displaying all the additional information you might need. There is a feed on official website which shows the user activity and it’s also possible to get badges just like the achievements in video games.

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