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Team Viewer 6

Control of computer at distance
Controling computer at distance is definitely one of the best things that one “master of the computer” can have. Those who service computers of their acquaintances surely happened at least once to spend tens of minutes on the phone explaining to the person on the other side where to click on the mouse. After hard days on the work or late evening hours this can be hardly. If you and person on other side have a little bit fast speed of the Internet, your problems are resolved.
The user is not required to install the program; he runs the program trough the wizard and waits for someone else to connect or connect on other computer trough started Team Viewer, which is a very useful option for people who are more inclined to portable software versions. During installation the program awards a permanent ID for computer in the form of nine digit numbers, and the access code is temporary and it’s changing every restart of computer. If he wants, the user can setup the main code, which can be permanent until he changes another code. For easier control of the computer it is possible and advisable, to register free username for Team Viewer. This has enabled control of the computer without using the program, i.e. by the web browser.
Then, by logging under the program you can add new computers, organize them into groups and access to them without

Team Viewer 6 - Control of computer at distance

Team Viewer 6 - Control of computer at distance

entering the password (because it can enter by adding the computer).

Team Viewer program, with certain restrictions, is free for home users, while firms have to pay $ 499 for basic and $ 998 for the premium package. It should be noted that the limits for free users are not tied to the basis use of the program, so the program is completely functional even when it comes to the free version. The program for security uses 256-bit AES encoding, which guarantees the secure transmission of data. On the other hand, computers are accessed by code, and phishing, sadly still an option open for hackers. Our internet providers to their customers, by default doesn’t give fast upload speed, so we should be kept in mind that the computer controls whit slower connections will not work very smoothly. Luckily that it’s possible to adjust the quality of view. Then, the background image (wallpaper) automatically removes, and it’s possible to set display resolution, which will be quite for relieved flow. Other interesting options are transfer voice (Voice over IP), data transfer, chat, conference calling, and even record of working on the controlled computer. The record is keeping in TVS extension and by that Time Viewer starts to running; showing what the user worked on computer. Program and the website are available in different languages. Truth is that the TeamViewer is not the best when we come to question about compression, and you’ll notice a small slowdown on slower computers whit slow internet connection. But for functionality, Team Viewer is definitely on the top. The program is designed perfectly with remarkable realization. We give a big plus for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and also Android support system, and that means controlling your computer by mobile phone. We tried this system and it works great. All of these described possibilities come in free version for only home users. TeamViewer is really excellent and has our best recommendation.

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