Sunday - Aug 02, 2015

Ubuntu TV

TV for human beings

Canonical company decided to branch out the applicability of their operating system in the field of commercial products, so beside the Ubuntu for Android there is another project called Ubuntu TV. Even though this is not the first time that ICT products directly overflow to TV domain (Apple TV and Google TV), it is the first time that free operating system goes into commercial field. Canonical promises modern TV experience with easy integration of broadcast services, internet services and applications. Besides watching broadcasted, streamed and recorded content, it will be possible to search and record the stuff you want with video on demand included. Purpose of this operating system paired with proper hardware is to fuse functionalities of many devices into one, which will bring simplicity and one unified package for entertainment- one interface, one device and one remote control. That of course implies the unique experience of interface which overrides the differences of the all different interfaces from different TV brands, cable companies, satellite and other receivers, and this will certainly make the life easier. All of this is done under assumption that most users want to relax and have fun without many devices and remote controls. Besides the standard ways of broadcasting the TV signal, this modern

Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu TV

TV receiver could also receive Europe and US signal formats in standard or high definition with integrated electronic program guides. Supported internet streaming includes video and audio content from local or global providers. This ocean of content is improved by intelligent search which is able to learn and suggest the content you might want to watch. Each setup and suggestion as all the playlists are saved individually for each user. It is also possible to pause content on TV and resume watching on tablet or smart phone. Through this concept new trend is emerging, the advanced experience of sharing screens with iOS, Android and Ubuntu devices for the related content like movie description, feedback from other people on social networks and similar. Content is shared through Ubuntu TV application for Android, iOS and Ubuntu, which function through Ubuntu One cloud. It is also possible to stream the content like photos and music the other way around from computer to TV. When it comes to controls, there is remote control, keyboard, mouse, controls sensitive to touch and gestures and the control through smart phones. For smart TVs there are also smart applications, so besides the applications included in operating systems, there are specialized applications for Ubuntu software center. This concept as an idea sounds great but only time will show its applicability. Potential is huge and it is a fact that most people are annoyed by the way their home entertainment work, which is pretty much divided. Unfortunately success of this project depends on TV makers because it’s up to them to put this operating system into their devices.

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